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About Us

In 1964 a black Labrador named Sam wandered into my life and endeared the breed to me. He was kind, wise and probably not pure bred. Three years later I purchased my first 'good' Labradors. It was at this point that my adventure in the 'Labrador World' began.

I consulted "The Seeing Eye" in Morristown, NJ. After receiving sound advice from them, I became determined to raise Labradors that would fit into their program. I was succesful in this endeavor and worked with 'The Seeing Eye' closely for several years. I am truly thankful for this experience and am proud that my dogs were able to be of service.

Over the years my life changed as lives always tend to do and I became able to do more and more with my Labradors. My first trip to England was an epiphany. I came to the realization that what I was seeing 'across the pond' was the type of Labrador I had envisioned breeding in 'My Mind's Eye'. I was lucky enough to be able to import from overseas and did.

Over the years, thirty dogs came over from England and Sweden. Some of the dogs worked out, but most did not. Despite this, each of the dogs was their own individual and taught me something. It was all part of the adventure and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Fourty One years later we are where we are. Hard wok, experience and sometimes just dumb luck have given me a kennel of dogs that are what I am proud of. They are sound, sensible and handsome. Hopefully they are the kind of dogs that will continue to endear others to the Labrador

My husband Ron is a veterinarian. He is currently enjoying his retirement from his career at The Ohio State University. He is involved in the daily lives of the dogs at home. He is however not involved with the show ring aspect of our dogs lives. He is often my voice of reason as it pertains to Labraors and all things.

Throughout the years we have owned or bred well over 100 champions and are still actively involved in conformation showing. In the past we have done hunt tests and dabbled in field trials. Today those cold wet mornings are in our past. We still produce dogs that are not field trial dogs, but rather gentleman's gun dogs.

I prefer my dogs go to homes where they will be companion dogs as that is what they deserve. We occassionally sell an older dog as a show or breeding prospect. We keep twenty eight adult Labradors and puppies come and go. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are also a passion of mine and their puppies are available from time to time. Visitors are always welcome and Ron and I will be more than happy to answer questions and provide advice. Phone calls are preffered and all visits are by appointment.